Custom System Request Form

Bare in mind, that the more flexibility you give us in designing a system for you, the more likely we will be able to find a computer that fits your needs-- this is especially true for notebooks. We also highly recommend you leave the notebook screen size as "No Preference" unless it really really matters to you (we will give you a quote for two or more different screen sizes anyway). Filling out the large text box asking for information on how you will be using your system is the most important part of this form.

After the form is submitted, we will research your request and call or email you with possible solutions and pricing. Prices quotes are only good for two weeks as prices are very volatile in the computer field. After approval, the average turn around time on custom systems is about one week.

You don't have to use this form, you can email us directly at sales@stellimare.com. But, a lot of the questions we'll ask you are covered in this form.

System Type and General Information System Type: Notebook Desktop Server MiniPC
A MiniPC uses laptop technology, but doesn't have a keyboard or monitor. They are great as super-space savers, and for permanent installation into a car. More expensive than a desktop.
My price range is to .
A friend gave me a referral code , take 1/2% off my order (except for some authorized non-profits/public education customers).
I need this system quickly, select from parts available now or within 3 days.
Ignore other options, just get me a:

IMPORTANT: Tell us what you will be using your computer for (General computing, Music, Graphic Design, 3d Graphics design and rendering, Blu-Ray movies, etc). Please put in as much information as you feel relevant to your computing needs. We left you lots of room. Hint Hint ;-).
Contact Information This information is needed in order for us to respond to your request. Your information will not be given to third parities, nor will you receive any email related to anything other than this request. We're not Dell or HP: our systems are truly custom, and we need your input in order to design one that fits your needs. If you'd rather call us, there is a toll free number listed on our "contact us" page.
First Name Last Name
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Daytime Phone Evening Phone
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Email Address
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Geographic Location (include State/Province):

You have filled out all the information we require. Continue filling out the form below if there are some specific things you'd like in your system.

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Notebook specific options
Screen/Laptop size
Screen Resolution
Hard Drive speed 4200 RPM (slow, cheap, quiet)
5400 RPM
7200 RPM (desktop fast,lower battery life)
Battery Life
Options for Desktop/Server
Case Type
If you selected MiniPC as an option, then your have already selected a case type and so this question is irrelevant.
Case Window (for those who like to see inside)
Use lit internal components where possible (for showoffs)
Use other visually appealing components, such as crystal hard drive cases, etc.
You will receive an email with an image of two or three cases to choose from.
Case Color(s): Primary: Secondary:
Dominant Lights:
Options for all systems
CPU Type: Manufacturer:
CPU Cores (per CPU):
CPU Speed:
*Using large memory sizes will require the use of 4GB RAM modules, which are very expensive.
Other size (use multiples of 128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB):
Hard Drive (IDE/ATA/7200RPM SATA)
All Desktop IDE/ATA drives are 7200rpm, unlike some companies (notably Compaq) who have sold some desktops with 5400RPM drives.

Use highly reliable hard drive, 1 million hours MTBF or more (desktop/server systems only, usually a 30%+ increase in drive cost).
Second Hard Drive (IDE/ATA/7200RPM SATA)
Use highly reliable hard drive, 1 million hours MTBF or more (desktop/server systems only, drives usually cost 30-60% more).
Fast SATA Drive
Other Drives Optical Drive
Did you miss the Blu-Ray (50GB/25GB) burner above?
Operating System: Windows:
Note:Multiprocessor/Dual-Core support is only available on Windows XP Pro,and 2003 server, but only for 1-2 CPUs. 2003 Pro and Enterprise only supports 4 CPUs. Installation of Windows Server will be left to the end user, or as a separate on-site service.
Linux OS (always free):
Add Sun Java and Macromedia Flash plugin might not be possible on some 64-bit Linux systems systems. Default is to use a kubuntu 64-bit image with all software properly installed, including development tools.
Install manufacturer provided Linux hardware drivers
Partitioning Instructions: This is where you also include other OS requests like BSD, FreeDOS, two different Linux distros on the same computer, or other request. An additional charge may apply for OSes not in the menues.
Software: Standard software package: VLC (regionless MPEG/DVD player), Gimp, Gaim, OpenOffice (99.9% Microsoft Office compatible office suit), Firefox, Thunderbird, Java SDK, Flash. Adobe Acrobat Reader. ALL FREE!
Standard commercial non-free software: Nero CD/DVD recording software, DVD video player.
Microsoft Office:
Network Ethernet Speed: 10/100 10/100/1000
Number of ports (Always 1 for notebooks):
56K Modem
Video Chipset:
Intended use:
Dual-Head Video
SLI Support (Desktop/Server systems only)
Use a silent/fanless card
Analog video capture TV Tuner
HDTV Tuner/Capture
Audio Supported Speakers
Include Speakers
MIDI Port MIDI Cables
Remote Control Front Panel Control
A portion of the profits will go to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Children Hospital Los Angeles.